Terribleminds Flash Fiction-Part II

So Chuck Wendig has this cool blog and writing challenge

I’ve chosen Jason Heitkamper’s work, “The Tunnel“, named it ‘Part 1’ and added my 200 ish words, ‘Part 2’…  Thanks Jason.


The Tunnel

Part 1

The tunnel shook again, small cracks creeping through old masonry, and Nora grabbed onto Billy to keep her feet.  Jack was trying to urge Marie forward but he couldn’t get her to stop crying.  Nora didn’t blame her, the whole thing was terrifying and nobody had a clue what was going on.  They’d pushed forward through the old river tunnels after their normal entrance collapsed and now they were down to two flashlights.

“Are those bombs?” Jack asked, his voice cracking from the dust in his throat.

“Who would bomb fucking Trenton?  We have like two thousand people in the whole town.” Billy snapped back.  Nora swept her light ahead, a large metal door at the end of the hallway coming into view.

“What then?  An earthquake?” Marie managed between sobs.  Nora stepped back and grabbed Marie’s other hand, finding it slick with blood from the fall.

“No, honey.  We’re nowhere near a fault line.” she replied, doing her best to sound comforting.

“Shit, man.  This is fucked,” Jack moaned, his bravado fading. “I just wanted to smoke some pot and get laid…” He fell silent as the door ahead of them suddenly creaked and began to swing open.


The Tunnel

Part 2

With a loud BANG! the door swung open violently. A body tumbled through the metal door, now about 100 feet ahead of them.

The body lay motionless in the dust and rubble for several seconds before it started to rise on hands and knees.

Billy and Jack flashed their lights ahead at the being, and behind where they’d come from. There was no retreat.

The being continued to rise from hands and knees, but was now coughing from the dust it had created and groaning from the unexpected crash-tumble through the metal door. It stood, and began to brush the dust and rubble from itself. It was a man.

Jack and Billy watched through the dusty flashlight beams. The girls came forward to them. They formed a small group and whispered among themselves.

The man coughed and cleared his throat. Shielding his eyes from the flashlights he used his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice and said, “Come witz me iff you vant to live…”.

Billy and Jack slowly turned to each other and simultaneously said, “What the fuck!?!?!”
The man chuckled, “Hehe, I always wanted to say that. But seriously, I know the way out of here so come with me.” He turned and headed back through the metal door.


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